ISIS women raise ISIS flag, create chaos at Al-Hol camp

ISIS women in Al-Hol camp continue to create chaos that confirm their commitment to its extremist ideology, despite receiving defeat at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Al-Hol camp is the largest and most dangerous of its kind among the camps located in the autonomous regions of northeast Syria, as the camp currently houses more than 66 thousand people among the displaced and refugees,  more than 40 thousand of them are members of ISIS mercenaries and their families, of "Syrians, Iraqis, foreigners origin."

Mercenary women of ISIS at al-Hol camp, have repeated the chaos in the camp, through gatherings and repeated killings that are often the victims of Iraqi refugees.

According to information and video clips obtained by our agency, the Syrian and Iraqi mercenary women of ISIS that live in the seventh sector of the camp raised the flag of ISIS mercenaries and organized sit-in.

In the meantime, ISIS women chanted the slogan "Islam State to remains", which proves their commitment to the extremist ISIS ideology and ideology despite being defeated by the SDF in their last stronghold in the town of Al-Baghouz in Deir ez-Zor.

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