Ismail al-Qawas: Turkey is trying to divide Syrian territory

Member of the diplomatic relations committee of the Democratic Union Party(PYD) in Girê Spî canton Ismail al-Qawas said  that Turkey is trying to divide Syrian territory and wants to occupy parts of Syria and revive a new Ottoman empire.

In an interview conducted by Hawar News Agency with al-Qawas 

he discussed the issue of Turkey's construction of the isolation wall in Afrin, for more than a week, Turkey has been building a wall between Afrin and Syrian territory, which was widely seen as an occupation of Syrian territory and a Turkish attempt to annex Afrin to Turkey.

he added, "Turkey's goal of building a wall around the Syrian city of Afrin is to occupy Syria with the help of mercenaries calling themselves the Free Army.

"Russia is helping Turkey to occupy parts of Syrian territory," he said. "The Turkish state is trying to restore the glory of its Ottoman empire and occupy areas in the Middle East. This is clear by building walls around the areas it occupies."

Ismail al-Qawas criticized the Syrian regime because it did not express any clear and frank position towards the occupation of Turkey in the north of Syria, which is a violation of the sovereignty of Syrian territory.

He said in the same context that the actions of the Turkish state and its mercenaries in terms of demographic change, displacement of indigenous people, looting, and murder are contrary to international law and violation of human rights.

At the end of his speech, he stressed that they will not abandon the city of Afrin and its people, and expressed their willingness to liberate them from the fascist occupation.

Turkey occupied the city of Afrin on March 18 last year after an attack on January 20 of the same year that lasted for 58 days.

Following the occupation of Afrin, Turkey has committed violations amounting to war crimes. International human rights organizations and various media have documented the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries, including murder, kidnapping, theft, destruction of infrastructure and logging, but the international community has not taken strict measures against Turkey which continue to practice the worst policies in Afrin, most notably the policy of demographic change.



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