​​​​​​​Isolation aims to encounter revival of Kurdish people, thwart democratic project

Qamishlo people explained that the conspiracy of the Turkish authorities against the leader Ocalan is nothing but a shame that added to its bloodstained history, while they said that isolation aims to stand in the face of the revival of the Kurdish people, and thwart the project of the democratic nation.

Turkish authorities have been pursuing arbitrary policies against Ocalan since his arrest on February 15, 1999, and imposes severe isolation on him, as it does not allow his lawyer and family to meet him and verify his condition.

Amidst this, the Kurdish people's demands for freedom, the end of the isolation, and confirming that his proposals are solutions to the outstanding crises in the Middle East.

Dalal Hussein made it clear that the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the people in Şengal and Rustum Judi camp, as well as the city of Kobani, is a continuation of the plot that was hatched against the leader Ocalan.

Hussein described the conspiracy as a "shame".

Hussein mentioned that the Ocalan's arrest is the prevention freedom and justice, and freedom and independence of women in particular, and added: "The leader's thought calls for women's freedom" and his slogan "Freedom of Society is Connected with Women's Freedom."

On the goal of the Turkish authorities of imposing severe isolation on Ocalan, Hussein stated that the Turkish state aims at eliminating humanity and freedom, as it understands that the leader's thought and philosophy are based on democracy, coexistence, and brotherhood of peoples. He prepares for the countries of the Middle East as a settlement of security and stability. This matter is not accepted by an occupier country like Turkey.

During her talk, she expressed her position towards the abrogation of Ocalan, and said: "The immoral isolation on Ocalan, pushed us to determine to follow the path of the leader's philosophy."

On the reasons for the Turkish state's refusal of the request of the lawyer of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his relatives to meet him inside the prison, Hussein stated that the goal of the Turkish state is to keep the leader Abdullah Ocalan away from the events of society and the Middle East events.

From his part, Halim Akko talked about the Turkish state's goals of imposing severe isolation on Ocalan. The Turkish state fears of the ideology and philosophy of the leader Ocalan that seek to resolve the violations and crises in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

Akko added: "Turkey seeks to stand in the face of the revival of the Kurdish people in particular and thwart the democratic nation project that includes all components and spectrums of the peoples of the region under one roof, and to stand against the common coexistence in the Middle East.

Akko noted at the end of his speech that the policy of the Turkish authorities toward Ocalan are contrary to international standards and principles, and violate human norms.

It is worth noting that the lawyer of leader Ocalan has submitted 78 requests to visit their client Abdullah Ocalan since the 7 th of June 2019, but the Public Prosecution in Bursa rejected all their requests.

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