​​​​​​​Israel announces building up expanded international coalition against Iran

The Chief of the Staff of the Israeli Army, Aviv Kochafi, announced establishing an expanded alliance headed by Israel and made up of: Cypros, Greece, Jordan, Eygpt and the Gulf States to confront Iran and the Shiism axis stretching through Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Kochafi said while speaking during an expanded talk, broadcasted by the Israeli " KAN" TV, that he demanded from the Israeli army to prepare plans for attacking Irans' nuclear facilities whenever it needed. Noting that" the army enjoys full freedom to act cross the Middle East and Coalition was formed for confronting Iran."

" Iran has developed centrifuges enables it to invent nuclear bomb within months or weeks." He added.  

While he announced anticipated comprehensive maneuvers for the Israeli army modeled like large-scale war on all fronts, that continues a month, he pointed that, " Israel is under threat of missiles from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Palestine and Iran", " in the next war, thousands of missiles are going to land on us, but we to respond on mass scale."

The Chief of the Staff warned the Lebanese and Gaza people of leaving their houses" close to the weapons depots and positions of the Hizbollah and the Palestinian factions, saying" there are numerous houses of the south Lebanon, contains ammunition and missiles, they are targets in any battle ahead."

In a related issue, he said that the Israeli policy towards, achieved the today, calmness, and that " we would not have been in peace with Gaza, without three operations, we carried out against Gaza, most notably," Black Determination" operation against the Islamic Jihad Movement in 2019, during which, a key leader in the military wing of the movement was assassinated."

Earlier, the Hebrew Ynet website reported that the Israeli army had demanded a huge budget, in preparation for a likely attack against Iran in the period ahead, while Tehran's efforts to develop a nuclear bomb continued.

According to the site: "The Israeli army requested 4 billion shekels - the Israeli currency - to supplement the budget, especially in the absence of a fixed annual budget with the continuing political differences in Israel."

According to the site, within a few days, the Israeli Defense Ministry will discuss the defense budget for 2021, noting that last year, "an additional 2.5 billion shekels were added above the specified budget."

The website said: "The new addition that the Israeli army is looking for is only the minimum required, in the Air Force's assessment of the readiness needed to attack Iran."

The site indicated that: “Aviv Kochavi, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, received unequivocal support from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his army minister, Benny Gantz, especially in light of the information and planning lack of knowledge of the developments in the new US policy with the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House.”



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