Israel arrests Palestinian minister

Israeli forces arrested Palestinian Authority Minister of Jerusalem Fadi al-Hadmi while the Israeli army launched a campaign of arrests on the suburb of Jerusalem.

The Public Relations and Media Ministry official Jerusalem Awad Awad said, said that Israeli forces stormed the house of the Minister of Jerusalem in al-Sawwanah neighborhood of Jerusalem, Fadi al-Hadmi, who was arrested and taken him to al-Mahsobiya center, as reported by Russia Today

Local sources also reported that dozens of soldiers and intelligence agents stormed al-Isawiya, raided a number of houses and arrested several young men, all of them from the family of Mohammed Samir Obaid.

The West Bank witnessed violent confrontations between the Israeli army and the Palestinians, where violent clashes broke out in the town of Shu'fat. Palestinian youths targeted the light train and its station with stones and Molotov cocktails. While Israeli forces used tear gas and sound bombs and rubber bullets heavily, while the old neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the town of Silwan witnessed sporadic confrontations.




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