Israel launches a new satellite to monitor Iran's nuclear activities

The Israeli Ministry of Security, in cooperation with the Air Industries Division, launched a satellite for the purposes of monitoring from outer space named (Horizon 16). According to media sources, this satellite is to monitor Iran's nuclear activities.

The spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Security said that the Israeli-made satellite was launched into outer space aboard a missile, "Shafit" from an air base in the center of the country.

The satellite is undergoing a series of tests on the merits of its design to verify its safety and accuracy of its performance in its early stages of rotation around the earth.

The Director of Research and Development of Combat Equipment and Technological Infrastructure of the Air Industry at the Israeli Ministry of Security announced that the launch took place at exactly four o'clock this morning, and that it was successfully completed.

The Horizon 16 satellite is a highly capable electro-optical observation satellite, and it is the product of several Israeli companies working in the field of advanced military and technological production.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Horizon 16 is an electro-optical surveillance satellite equipped with advanced technical capabilities that are supposed to provide military intelligence with high-quality surveillance capabilities, and media sources say it will be used to monitor Iran's nuclear activities.

Acting Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said: "Technological superiority and intelligence capabilities are essential to the State of Israel, and we will continue to enhance and maintain Israel's capabilities on every front and everywhere."

The Ministry of Defense described the 16th horizon satellite as an "electro-optical surveillance satellite with advanced technical capabilities."

The first photos will be received from the satellite in about a week, and the ministry indicated in its statement "the reconnaissance satellite is subject to a series of tests."

"The use of Horizon 16 will give Israel special strategic and intelligence capabilities, which is especially important these days, when there are signs of an escalation with Iran," wrote former chief of Israeli Military Intelligence Amos Jadlin, on Twitter.

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