Israel offers Hamas exchange deal regarding prisoners

Media reported that the Israeli government made a new offer to Hamas regarding the prisoners exchange deal.

Israeli Channel 12 quoted an official source familiar with the matter saying, "Israel made a new offer to Hamas through intermediaries, but it has not received a response from Hamas to it so far."

The channel did not give details of the new offer, but indirect discussions between Hamas and Israel have been taking place for some time, with Egyptian and international mediation, about the return of 4 Israeli soldiers, who were captured by Hamas during and after the 2014 war on Gaza.

Israeli sources stated that Israel has indicated its willingness to discuss with Hamas an initiative presented by Hamas head in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, earlier, to provide it with a partial waiver in the case of Israeli soldiers in exchange for Israel releasing elderly and sick prisoners, as a humanitarian initiative in light of the Corona crisis.

So far, Hamas has not disclosed the fate or health status of the soldiers, and links this to the need for Israel to make concessions and release the prisoners.

According to official Palestinian reports, the number of Palestinian prisoners as of the end of last May in Israeli prisons was 4,600, including 41 women and 170 children.

The number of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment amounts to 541, among them Abdullah Barghouti, who has the highest sentence, has a life of 67.

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