Israel strikes Syria again on US withdrawal impact

On the news of the US withdrawal, Israel has bombed sites near Damascus International Airport. Donald Trump has decided not to declare the emergency state now on the southern border of America.


The international press spoke about the withdrawal of US equipment from North Syria and the low possibility of a Turkish attack on North Syria

Turkey's possibility of large-scale invasion of northeastern Syria is less now

Jonathan Spyer, a researcher at al-Quds Center for Strategic Studies, said the possibility of a large-scale Turkish military invasion of northeast Syria was now less than two weeks away.

Spyer said in an analysis of the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post that a series of factors, including a slow and cautious US withdrawal, Russia's policy toward Syria, the presence of Iranian militias and Damascus's ambitions, were part of the Turkish attack.

Spyer said that as long as the US maintains troops in the region and controls its airspace. Turkey will need Washington's approval to enter. He said a major military offensive by Turkey aimed at Kurdish fighters may also allow Iran to extend its territorial borders in the country.

The writer believes that Russia is keen to allow the Assad regime to regain control of the area controlled by the Kurds. The visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Moscow is likely to clarify this issue.

Finally, Turkey may not be able to control the area it occupies - Kurdish militants continue to attack Turkish forces in Afrin, which invaded Turkey in January 2018.

"Despite the Turkish noise on the border, Erdogan pledged in his article in the New York Times this week that Turkey could" accomplish the mission", to remain major obstacles to a large-scale Turkish incursion into northeastern Syria.

Has IS defeat achieved its objectives in Syria?

In a related context, Washington Post said that US administration officials insist that the departure will not affect the objectives of the United States in Syria, including the humiliating of IS, but the press wondered that it is unclear how to achieve these goals?

The US military said on Friday it had begun withdrawing its military equipment from Syria, and it is likely that the withdrawal will trigger tension in areas to be left by US forces.

The International Coalition's statement said "US forces have begun a careful withdrawal from Syria, based on operational security concerns. We will not discuss specific time periods, locations or troop movements."

Defense officials said initial withdrawals would be limited to equipment, and no troops had left. Additional US forces and air and naval assets stationed elsewhere in the region are expected to assist in the operation.

Senior administration officials continued to insist that the departure would not undermine US targets in Syria, including the final defeat of al-Qaeda organization and the prevention of its rise, and the protection of the Syrian Kurdish allies whom Turkey had vowed to attack as soon as the Americans left and to force Iran to withdraw its troops and fighters.

The press said there was little sign of how to achieve those goals identified by White House national security adviser John Bolton during a visit to Ankara this week.

European policies caused migration wave

"Eye" British newspaper article says that the immigration wave in the world is the result of foreign policies pursued by Western countries.

In his latest speech, US Secretary Mike Pompeo stressed that the United States' keenness to wage military and economic war in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, which means that life will become impossible in those countries.

It is unlikely that the United States or its allies will achieve any victory over Iran or the regime. All it is doing is keeping the crisis afloat in the region between Pakistan and the Mediterranean, which will inevitably drive a portion of the region's population to search for any means, no matter how expensive it is for immigration to Europe.

The immigration wave seen in the world for years is proof of the recklessness of Western policies and its inability to bring security and stability to the Middle East and North Africa.

Western governments have escaped impunity because voters have not linked the wave of immigration with Western governments intervening in the Middle East, which has been devastated.

Israel targets Syria again

In another context, an Israeli military official told Washington Post that missiles fired by Israeli warplanes targeted a warehouse at Damascus International Airport on Friday night, causing damage without casualties.

The official Syrian media quoted an unnamed official as saying that Israeli aircraft coming from the south fired several missiles at areas near Damascus about 45 minutes before midnight. It said Syrian air defense units had dropped down most of the rockets, but gave no details of other targets.

Trump: No declaration of emergency at present

US President Donald Trump has decided not to declare the emergency state on the southern border at the moment, the New York Times reported.

"The easy solution for me is to declare a state of national emergency ... but I will not do it very quickly,"



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