Israel targets group on borders of Syria

On Monday, Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adrai revealed details of targeting a group that was planting explosives along the border fence with Syria in the Golan Heights.

Adraei posted a video clip on his Twitter account, showing four individuals moving near the border fence, and then trying to hide before they were shot.

An Israeli army spokesman explained that during the past night hours, the IDF monitored four elements, who he described as saboteurs, near a military site in the Tel Fars area.

He added that the cell crossed the border and planted an explosive device inside Israeli territory.

He indicated that the cell had been monitored by a special force in the area, after several "suspicious" attempts to approach it by "shepherds" in recent days.

Adrai confirmed that the Israeli army does not know for sure the identity of the cell members and their organizational relationship, but it is known, according to him, that there are several groups operating in the area, including groups linked to Iran.

He noted that: "We cannot currently link this attempt to the threats of Hezbollah, but we do not exclude that until now."

He pointed out that work is currently underway to find out additional details about the explosive device and the cell, adding: "We consider the Syrian regime responsible for everything that happens inside its territory."

This comes after the situation witnessed an escalation in the recent period between Israel, Syria and Lebanon. Last month, Israeli army helicopters bombed military targets in southern Syria in response to an earlier "shooting" towards Israel, and those strikes killed a Hezbollah member, as well as elements of other forces loyal to Iran as well.

In the past few days, warnings have been issued on both sides of the border between Israel and Lebanon. Hezbollah confirmed that an action against Israel was "definitely inevitable," while the latter warned that it was "playing with fire." However, analysts saw that turning it into a war is a step that neither side wants.



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