Israel, United States test a ballistic missile defense system

Before midnight last night, the Israeli Ministry of Defense conducted a successful test of its Arrow-2 interceptor missile, and this test was conducted in the middle of the country with the participation of the US Missile Defense Agency.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz confirmed, according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post, that Israel faces far and near challenges and that its high technological capabilities guarantee its superiority over its enemies in order to protect the sky of the State of Israel from any threat.

Minister Gantz added that the joint experience with the United States reflects the friendship and partnership between the two countries, and the deep American commitment to ensuring the security of the citizens of Israel, and the Minister of Defense also pledged to continue working together to fortify the capabilities of the security services by air, sea and land.

The US Missile Defense Agency, in turn, said in a statement early Thursday that the United States and Israel had successfully completed the test of its Arrow-2 interceptor missile.

During that time, an "Anchor" missile simulating a long-range surface-to-surface missile carrying a warhead was intercepted.

The Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) conducted the combined test overnight at 11:45 p.m. in central Israel and on the Mediterranean, the latest in a series of Israeli successes.

"The US Missile Defense Agency remains committed to assisting the government of Israel in developing its national missile defense capability in the face of current and future threats," said Admiral John Hill, Director of the US Missile Defense Agency.



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