Israeli army arrested 6 Palestinians in West Bank, attacked fishermen, farmers in Gaza

The Israeli army arrested at least six Palestinians during raids in various parts of the West Bank on Monday morning, while the army forces also attacked Palestinian farmers and fishermen in Gaza.

Palestinian sources said the Israeli army arrested at least six Palestinians after they stormed their homes and destroyed their personal possessions.

The Israeli media added that the army arrested what they described as wanted under pretext carrying out security activities against the army.

Our correspondent quoted from Palestinian sources saying that the army erected military checkpoints at the entrances of several towns in the Palestinian city of Hebron and in front of Palestinian schools.

In Gaza, our correspondent said that the Israeli army attacked Palestinian farmers on the border, while they were working on their land, damaged some of their properties, and also attacked Palestinian fishermen during their work in the Gaza Sea and forced them to return.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli army daily attacks Palestinian fishermen and farmers in Gaza, and conducts ongoing arrests in the West Bank under various pretexts.



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