Israeli army killed Palestinian child and injured 66 others in Gaza

On Friday, the Israeli army killed a Palestinian child and wounded 66 others during the 54th Friday activities of the Return and Breaking the Siege Marches in Gaza.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that a 15-year-old boy had been killed by the Israeli gunfire, in addition to 66 others, including 15 children, 6 women and 2 paramedics.

Our correspondent, Hawar news agency's, from Gaza said that the Israeli army confronted the peaceful marches on the Gaza border, by firing bullets and poisoning gases heavily against the demonstrators.

He added that the field situation on the border between the demonstrators and the Israeli army was escalating despite the continuous talk about the progress in the file of truce between Hamas and Israel under the auspices of Egypt and the world.

Since March 30, 2018, the Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches near the fence between Gaza and the Israeli-controlled Palestinian territories to demand the return of refugees to their towns and villages from which they migrated in 1948 and to break the Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza since more than 12 years.


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