Israeli army kills Palestinian, others wounded, factions vow to retaliate

The Israeli army killed a Palestinian youth and injured two others this morning as they approached the southern Gaza Strip border, while Palestinian factions threatened to retaliate against the "crime" they said.

According to ANHA's correspondent in Gaza, the Israeli army killed a young man and injured a number of others as they approached the southern border of the Gaza Strip.

Our correspondent, quoting local Palestinian sources, added: "The Israeli army pulled the body of the young man in a gruesome manner, after he prevented a group of youths from approaching to carry him, and shot them, injuring a number of them."

He said "The young man's body was hung with the teeth of the bulldozer's comb and dragged into the fence, where The Israeli forces are stationed".

Later, Saraya al-Quds, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, announced that the young man was a fighter in its ranks, while the Israeli army said that he had observed the approach of a group of Palestinians to the separation fence, located in the southern Gaza Strip, and they fired at them."

In separate statements, Palestinian factions threatened to respond to what they called a "heinous crime."

The Islamic Jihad in Palestine said "The crime of Khanyounis, the southern city of the Gaza Strip, is brutal, and we will not allow this occupation to deal with us, as it deals with some Arab capitals".

"The hands holding on to the trigger will avenge the blood of the martyrs, as they retaliated and responded earlier by bombing Tel -Aviv.

Hamas also said: "The deliberate killing of unarmed young people by the occupation of Gaza Strip and the abuse of his body under the eyes of the entire world is a heinous crime, in addition to the record of its black crimes, against our Palestinian people throughout the country and its width, and against the besieged people of Gaza, the Zionist enemy bears its consequences.

The movement continued: "This fascist policy practiced by the occupation is very dangerous, and dares to blood and the Palestinian human being, and to continue its crimes, and to terrorize our people, people and young people who are rebelling against injustice, oppression, aggression and siege, with the aim of intimidating them, breaking their will, and discouraging them from continuing their journey. "The struggle against the occupation and its policies and crimes."



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