Israeli army lifted security cordon on Gaza sea

On Tuesday morning, the Israeli army has partly lifted, the comprehensive security cordon that was imposed on the Gaza Sea, and allowed Palestinian fishermen to work in it, while the army arrested 9 Palestinians, during a campaign of arrests carried out in different parts of the West Bank

Our correspondent (ANHA) from Gaza reported that the Israeli army allowed Palestinian fishermen to operate in the Gaza Sea for a maximum distance of 10 nautical miles after a full closure lasting several days.

Our correspondent quoted the Fishermen's Union as saying: "The Israeli side, told us, on Tuesday this morning, the reopening of the Gaza Strip to the fishermen and allow to work in a limited manner."

The correspondent pointed out that the partial lifting of the security cordon and the sea blockade, comes within the understandings of the truce, between Gaza and Israel, which was reached by Egyptian, Qatari and international.

In another context, our correspondent quoted Palestinian sources as saying: "The Israeli army arrested nine Palestinians from the West Bank after they broke into their homes and destroyed their personal possessions."

While the Israeli media said that "the army arrested what they described as wanted, allegedly carrying out activities against the Israeli army."

Since the beginning of 2019, Palestinian fishermen have been suffering from a policy of total closure or reduction of fishing grounds, with closures repeated three times and a reduction of five times.

The Israeli closure of the sea, the third, since the beginning of this year, was the first on 25 March last, and the second was imposed by Israel on 4 May last, according to the Palestinian Fishermen's Union.

The Israeli army said that the blockade of the Gaza Sea and the closure of the entire coast was caused by fires in the fields caused by balloons loaded with burning flares fired by Palestinians and landed in Israeli fields near the Gaza Strip.



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