Israeli army monitored "suspects" near border fence with Lebanon

The Israeli army announced this evening the monitoring of what it described as "suspects" near the border fence with Lebanon in the western Galilee region, without revealing any further details.

The Israeli media reported that the Israeli army forces are conducting search and inspection operations in the area adjacent to Ras al-Naqorah, while a brief statement issued by the Israeli army's spokesman stated that "the incident is under the supervision of the army and the details are being examined, and announced the closure of the main roads in the northern area, asking the residents to stay commitment to their homes."

Earlier today, Adraei reported that, based on an assessment of the situation in the army, it was decided to reinforce the Northern Military Command with advanced fire systems, information gathering, and special forces.

This comes in light of the border tensions in the wake of the Israeli army's announcement that it had thwarted an infiltration of members of "Hezbollah" in the Jabal Ross region in the occupied Shebaa farms, which the Party denied confirming that the response to the killing of one of its members in an Israeli raid on Syria on Monday, July 20 "is definitely coming."


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