Israeli-Egyptian agreement to extend marine pipeline for gas

Tel Aviv and Cairo have agreed to extend a pipeline to connect an Israeli gas field with an Egyptian liquefaction plant, in order to increase gas exports to Europe.

The Israeli Energy Minister, Yuval Steinitz, agreed with his Egyptian counterpart, Tariq Al-Mulla, to extend a pipeline to connect the Israeli offshore Lothian natural gas field in the eastern Mediterranean to the liquefaction terminals in northern Egypt.

Steinitz said that the two governments are moving forward with the plan to extend the pipeline, and are working to reach a formal agreement.

The agreement was announced during Al-Mulla's visit to Israel, where he met with Prime Minister "Benjamin Netanyahu" and Foreign Minister "Gabi Ashkenazi" as well as Steinitz, who hosted a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart.

The two countries discussed new ways to develop natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean, in light of the increasing demand in Europe for natural gas.

In a clip published by Steinitz's office, Al-Mulla said: The two energy ministers and their respective teams met "in order to expand and increase cooperation in the energy field."

"The two ministers agreed to establish a marine gas pipeline from the Leviathan gas field to liquefaction facilities in Egypt, in order to increase gas exports to Europe through liquefaction facilities in Egypt," Steinitz’s office said in a statement.


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