Israeli MP: current government may not last long

The head of the Governmental Coalition the parliamentarian Micky Zohar of the Likud party declared that the chances of survival of the current Israeli government are slim, and said that there is a fundamental dispute between Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu and the "Blue and White" party led by Benny Gantz, stressing that these differences will not allow the government last long.

Zohar said in an interview with the newspaper "Israel Hume": "What maintains this government is only the Corona crisis, without which the government would not have continued."

He added, "The only solution is Blue and White changes its way of dealing."

Regarding Gantz taking over the government, he said: "I hope this does not happen. I want Netanyahu to take over the government. This is not a secret. I did not support the candidacy of Benny Gantz, and I have no great desire he becomes prime minister."

Under the government coalition on which the government was formed, tasks and membership are divided equally between the Likud and the Blue and White party in the mini-cabinet for political and security affairs (cabins), and in the mini-cabinet for social and economic issues.

Likewise, Gantz takes over as prime minister under the rotation agreement in October 2021, but the position in the Likud party does not support the transparency of the agreement, and tries to push for new Israeli elections, to ensure the success of the Likud party.

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