Israeli plane in Istanbul for first time in 10 years

For the first time in 10 years, an Israeli plane landed today, Sunday, at Istanbul International Airport for transporting Turkish medical aid to counter the Coronavirus.

According to media outlets, the plane stopped its flights to Turkey since 2010, because the Turkish authorities at the time rejected the request of the Israeli General Security Service (the Shin Bet), to tighten security measures for those who want to travel to Israel, and asked the "Shin Bet" to reduce these measures.

 This was one of the reasons for the tension between the two countries, which began when the Israeli navy attacked the Marmara ship in 2010 and killed 9 Turkish passengers who participated in its journey to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Despite the deterioration in political and military relations between the two parties, the economic and commercial relations have continued and expanded between them gradually, and the volume of trade exchange has doubled from 3 billion dollars in 2010 to 6 billion in 2019.

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