Israeli raids on Gaza after launching missile from Strip

The Israeli army attacked a number of locations belonging to the Palestinian factions in Gaza after a missile was fired towards the Israeli settlements near Gaza without causing  casualties.

Our correspondent in Gaza reported that Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids on sites belonging to the Palestinian factions in Gaza in response to the launch of a missile from the Strip on Friday evening.

Our correspondent quoted from the Israeli media that the missile which was launched from the Gaza Strip fell in an open area and did not record any injuries or damage.

He pointed out that the Israeli raids focused on the positions of the factions in the north of Gaza Strip, while none of these factions claimed responsibility for launching the missile.

It is worth noting that the last round of military escalation between the factions in Gaza and the Israeli army was at the end of last month before the two sides entered a state of calm following the Corona virus in Gaza and Israel.

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