Israeli report: Preventing the Corona vaccine from reaching Gaza will lead to military escalation

Israeli observers estimate that preventing the introduction of the Coronavirus vaccine into the Gaza Strip will lead to a military escalation between the Palestinian factions in Gaza and the Israeli army.

The military analyst at the Israeli "Walla" website, Amir Bukhbout, said: "The Israeli army is following, with concern and caution, the issue of transferring vaccines against the Coronavirus to the West Bank, and its failure to reach the Gaza Strip." He added, "There are fears in the army that the Corona vaccines crisis will lead to renewed rocket fire from the Gaza Strip towards the Gaza envelope settlements."

The analyst quoted high-ranking sources in the army, "The pressure in Gaza is growing due to the Corona crisis, and if the masses protest that Corona vaccines do not reach Gaza, the factions will direct anger towards Israel, "Introducing the vaccines to the West Bank and failing to reach the Gaza Strip may lead to a new military escalation with the Gaza Strip launching rockets towards the cover. "

The same source added: "Israel will be the only address at which anger will be directed, and that will be embodied by launching rockets, and thus attention will be drawn to the issue of vaccination in Gaza, and the influence of decision-makers in Israel."

According to the military analyst, the Palestinian Authority will soon obtain the first anti-virus doses from Russia, which will arrive via Israel, and will be intended for the West Bank and not the Gaza Strip.

The analyst points out that Israel is aware of the extent of pressure in the Gaza Strip, following the Corona crisis, and the measures taken there to fight the virus, and the impact of these measures on economic life, in addition to the Israeli blockade that has continued for more than 15 years, and the closure of the crossings.

Bukhbout indicated that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are calling for international aid to confront Corona, including vaccination doses, and accuse Israel of not allowing this international aid to reach them.

In the context, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor called in a new report, issued today to end the tragedy of the 15-year blockade of the Gaza Strip, stressing that the blockade has created an impossible reality in which to live, calling on the international community to intervene and end the tragedy of the residents of the Gaza Strip.


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