Israeli warplanes bomb south of Damascus, Quneitra

Israel launched air strikes on sites of the Damascus government forces, south of the capital Damascus and Quneitra. The Syrian Observatory said that these sites include "pro-Iranian militias."

SANA, the Damascus government spokesperson, said that Israel "launched an air aggression from the occupied Syrian Golan towards southern Damascus."

The agency quoted a military source as saying that the bombing took place at exactly the eleventh hour and fifty minutes on the night of the twenty-fourth of this month.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, "Violent explosions were heard after mid-Tuesday - Wednesday in the areas south of the capital Damascus and the Quneitra governorate, resulting from Israeli air strikes targeting military sites of the regime forces where there are pro-Iranian militias, in the vicinity of the town of Ruhaina, south of Quneitra."

The observatory added, "This was followed by an Israeli air strike that also targeted military sites belonging to the regime, in which militias loyal to Iran are stationed in the" Jabal al-Manea "area, south of the capital Damascus, at the area between the villages and towns of al-Adliya, al-Harjlah and Deir Ali in the city of al-Kiswa."

While SANA reported that the bombing resulted in damage to the material, the observatory reported information that human losses were reported.

It is the 36th Israeli strike targeting the Syrian territories this year.



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