Israel's missile cut off Netanyahu's visit to Washington

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to cut off his current visit to the United States of America and return immediately to Israel after his meeting scheduled to be held on Monday with the US President Donald Trump in the light of the security events in Israel in the last twenty-four hour.

AFP reported that Netanyahu announced that he would shorten his visit to the United States after five people were injured when a rocket landed north of Tel Aviv, threatening to respond "strongly" to the launch of the missile from the Gaza Strip.

"Because of the security incidents, I decided to shorten my visit to the United States. I will meet the President Donald Trump for a few hours and then I will return to Israel to supervise the operations closely," Netanyahu said in a video released by his office.

The Israeli prime minister is currently in Washington to attend the annual conference of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the largest pro-Israel lobby group in the United States. He expects to meet Trump later on Monday.

The Israeli military spokesman said on Monday dawn that the sirens in Kfar Saba area, adjacent to Qalqiliya city, which is located in central Israel were heard in several towns. Then, a loud explosion was heard in the area at 5:19 in the morning.

"A rocket monitored by the Israeli radars in the area caused the sound of the sirens and it fell and exploded in a town called Mashmirat in Sharon area and hit a house directly in this town," the military spokesman said.

Later, a number of citizens were injured. The Israeli medical sources said the number of wounded was 7, five of them lightly, while two others were moderately wounded.

A military source said that the rocket appeared to have been fired from Gaza Strip on Monday dawn and that the information was still being investigated, while no Palestinian source confirmed the information. No Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility for the rocket launch.



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