Issa: N, E people not recognize of constitutional committee

Uthamn al-Sheikh Issa said the absence of representatives of north and east of Syria from the constitutional committee " means that it is a failed step from the beginning."

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with the former co-chair of Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA in Afrin region Uthman al-Sheikh Issa, where focused on the constitutional committee, supposed to put new constitution for Syria.

Al-Sheikh Issa said in his speech that this is not the first time that the issue of drafting a new constitution for Syria during the years of the crisis was discussed under different names. "The countries involved in the Syrian crisis want to achieve their interests through these steps," he added.

He stressed that any step that seeks to resolve the Syrian crisis is to marginalize the role of the components of northern and eastern Syria, who make up more than 30% in Syrian society "and not to recognize their views and their will will be doomed to failure."

He pointed out in the context of his speech to the need to consider the composition of the constitutional committee and its participants at the present time "as 50 personalities were selected from the (opposition) and 50 figures from the regime, the Turkish state is the weakest party on the ground, popularly and militarily."

He pointed out that the international community is aware that the Syrian regime is not serious in developing radical solutions to the Syrian crisis.

Sheikh Issa noted in his speech that through the unity of the people of northern and eastern Syria in the region under the banner of the Syrian Democratic Forces, "the terrorism of ISIS mercenaries has been eliminated, Terrorism continues to terrorize the whole world. The people of northern and eastern Syria are still struggling against sleeper cells in the region, the project of a democratic nation saved the world from the spread of terrorism."

He pointed out that the whole world owes the people of northern and eastern Syria sacrifices in order to eliminate ISIS, "and therefore it is necessary to have a place in the constitutional committee."

And said that the existence of the Turkish state, which is the most powerful supporter of Daesh groups in forming of the constitutional committee, "a great contradiction and suggests that no positive results will come out to resolve the Syrian crisis, but would be another step for the occupation and the division of Syrian territories."

Uthman al-Sheikh Issa, former co-chair of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA in Afrin canton, speaking by stressing that the people of northern and eastern Syria will not recognize the constitutional committee or the constitution that would draft.



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