It is tyranny that brought Syria to where it is 

Syrian politicians have indicated that tyranny is what brought Syria to its current state, noting that the strife that is being raised aims to strike the popular fabric in the region, stressing that unity and rallying around the Autonomous Administration will save the people from conspiracies, calling on the people to beware of sedition.

Spreading discord, dividing ranks and a policy of divide and conquer are all plans and practices that authoritarian states have resorted to in attempts to tear societies apart throughout history, and today and specifically in northern and eastern Syria, states are repeating the same policy to create a rift and fabricate strife between peoples who were united and were able to build their democratic project away from foreign agendas.

Politicians from the northern and eastern regions of Syria, and in interviews with them, our agency confirmed that the people possess the full awareness that the plans of the governments of Ankara and Damascus, which aim to create a rift in the societal harmony that exist in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, will fail.

′ The authoritarian mentality that brought Syria to its current state ′

Syrian opposition and film director Daham al-Sattam pointed out that "tyranny does not give anything. If he gives something, or he wants to give something, we will not have reached this degree of dispersion and fragmentation, and the great rift in Syrian society."

Daham al-Sattam noted that the Autonomous Administration is a participatory administration among all the components of the region, and it cannot be an enemy of the Syrian people. He said in this context, “The Autonomous Administration was found according to the third-line approach to managing the affairs of Syrians in the region, and it cannot fight and confront or oppress the Syrians, because It was found in partnership with all components, parties, nationalities and religions of the Syrian people in the region. "

′ The strife that arises in the region is systematic and its aim is to strike the popular fabric ′

As for the head of al-Raqqa branch of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance, Yahya Mahmoud, said that the strife that is being stirred up in northern and eastern Syria is systematic to strike the popular fabric in the region, and added, "They have worked to introduce personalities to the region whose aim is to sow discord through rumors, or to kill some figures."

′ Unity and circumvention around the administration saves the people from conspiracies

Yahya al-Mahmoud noted that "the most important thing that the people must do in order not to fall prey to these rumors, conspiracies and intrigue, is unity, and to circumvent the Autonomous Administration, and not to be a fifth column to transmit these rumors that are nothing but to create internal strife."

The head of al-Raqqa branch of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party, Yahya al-Mahmoud, said at the end of his speech that the Syrian people are one people who believe in change and believe in their right to freedom, pluralism and democracy, because the people want to live freely and in the shadow of a real democracy, he concluded by saying, "The only message is beware of rumors, beware of being a tool for transmitting temptations."



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