Italian association confirms its support to AA's experience in north, east Syria

The association "Towards Italian Kurdistan" expressed its admiration and continued support for the experience of the Autonomous Administration (AA) of North and East of Syria during a meeting gathered the co-chair of the association and a group of activists and representatives of the association with representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria in Başûr (south Kurdistan).


During the meeting, the participants discussed the latest developments on the Syrian arena in general and the areas of the AA in particular, and the achievements and successes achieved by the system of the AA at all political, social, administrative, diplomatic and military levels, praising the victories achieved by SDF against Daesh.

The representatives of the AA provided a detailed explanation about the Autonomous Administration's system of North and East of Syria and its objectives which are based on the principle of the democratic nation and the peoples' fraternity.

On the other hand, the meeting dealt with the recent situations witnessed in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons, and the violations committed by the Turkish occupation army since its occupation of Afrin, from the killing, kidnapping and looting the citizens' money on one hand, and the situation in the camps of al-Shahba which contain the citizens of Afrin, and the negligence of international organizations to assist them on the other hand, stressing that the liberation of Afrin is of the AA's first priorities which is the principle to develop any solution in Syria.

The representatives of the administration thanked the members of the organization for their support to the people of Afrin since the beginning of the Turkish state's attack on the canton. For its part, the delegation affirmed their support for the revolution of Rojava and their desire to visit Rojava.



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