Jafar: Turkey destroyed all Yazidi shrines, kidnapped 16

The Co-chair of the Foreign Relations Body in Afrin canton Sulaimon Jafar said that the Turkish state has destroyed all the holy shrines of Yazidis in Afrin canton after its occupation, they have also kidnapped 16


AL-SHAHBA- In an interview with Hawar news agency, the Co-chair of the Foreign Relations Body in Afrin canton Sulaimon Jafar talked about the circumstances that the Yazidis experienced in Afrin canton and the Turkish occupation and its gangs’ practices against them.

Jafar pointed out “The Yazidi people have been subjected to much oppression and annihilation by the regimes ruling Kurdistan, and today amidst the Syrian tumult, they were annihilated by the Turkish occupation and its gangs, due to the occupation’s attacks, the children of the Yazidi religion were forced to flee to neighboring areas of Afrin like al-Shahba, Nubol, al-Zahraa and Sherawa villages.

Jafar added “With the sun of freedom shining over north Syria, and the formation of the autonomous administration, the children of the Yazidi religion found their rights in full, for the first time, they felt that they live on this land after marginalizing them by the fascist and dictatorial regimes that occupied Kurdistan.”

Jafar also noted to the murder and sabotage acts practiced by the Turkish occupation against Yazidis currently in Afrin “According to our information, the Turkish state and its gangs have sabotaged the Yazidi Union’s at Afrin center burning everything within it; Lalish and Zarathustra statues were also destroyed, in addition, shrines in the villages of Basofan, Faqira, Qara Taba and Burj Abdullah were destroyed.

As for the conditions of the Yazidis in Afrin, Sulaimon Jafar said “The Turkish occupying state and its gangs are undergoing systematical killing and ethnic cleansing against the Yazidi religion children, they are also legalizing the annihilation of Yazidis, captivating their women, and sabotaging their land and properties repeating the scenario Daesh did in Şengal, till now 16 Yazidis from Qibar village have been kidnapped and led to unknown destination and their fate is still anonymous.”

The Co-chair of the Foreign Relations Body in Afrin canton Sulaimon Jafar concluded saying “Let everybody worship according to their religion, so the Christian lives a Christian, the Muslim a Muslim, and the Yazidi a Yazidi, the occupation and its gangs must know well that the Yazidis were the first people who believed in God when the Turks were worshipping idols.”  



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