Jamal Sheikh Baqi: SDF operations came at the right time

The Secretary-General of Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, expressed his support for the operations carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces against the Turkish occupation army, stressing that "the forces have the right to exercise their role in the legitimate defense of themselves and their people."

Yesterday, the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed a series of operations they carried out against the Turkish occupation army. These operations resulted in the killing of 23 occupying soldiers and the injury of 2 others, according to SDF Media Center.

Commenting on these operations, the Secretary-General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, told ANHA agency by phone, "These operations are required and came at the right time," stressing the right of the SDF to exercise the legitimate defense of the region and its people.

The SDF operations came after a series of brutal attacks by the Turkish occupation army targeting commanders, fighters in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, in addition to targeting civilians.

A drone attack on August 6, a day after a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart in the Turkish occupation state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, led to the martyrdom of 2 children in Al-Sna'a neighborhood of Qamishlo city.

He stressed that the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party "will remain a permanent supporter of the Syrian Democratic Forces in its legitimate defense of our regions and their components."



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