Jeffrey ruled out conflict between Washington, Moscow and Ankara in Syria

U.S Special Envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, announced that his country is considering supporting the Turkish army in Idlib by providing intelligence and military equipment. He ruled out the possibility of a large-scale conflict.

"The United States is considering ways to provide support to Turkey in Idlib as part of NATO, and the priority here is to provide the Turkish military with intelligence and military equipment," Jeffrey said on Thursday in a televised interview during his current visit to Turkey.

The U.S. envoy stressed that the talk is not about supporting Ankara by sending U.S. troops to the conflict zone till now.

Jeffrey ruled out the possibility of a large-scale conflict in Syria with the participation of the United States, Turkey, Russia and Israel, saying that these "big players" are extremely cautious in their movements.

 The U.S. envoy noted that Washington and Ankara agreed on many points on Idlib, stressing "Turkey's right to protect its security and borders."

Geoffrey's visit to Ankara comes amid a recent military escalation in northern Syria, in which a number of Turkish soldiers were killed and wounded by regime shelling, after Turkey introduced military reinforcements to Idlib.

Source: Agencies


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