Jel Agha people commemorate struggler Zilan

By the 24th anniversary of the martyrdom of the struggler Zilan (Zeinab Kenaji), the Kongra Star in Jel Agha district organized a lecture on her struggling life.

Dozens of people from Jel Agha district participated in the memorial ceremony at the Culture and Art Center in the district.

The lecture started with a minute of silence, then the Administrator at the Kongra Star, Amani Sheikh Hassen, gave a lecture on the struggler Zilan's self-sacrifice operation against the Turkish occupation army, and noted that she demonstrated the will of the free woman against the occupying forces.

After that, the Administrator at the Kongra, Amani Sheikh Hassen, read the message of the struggler Zilan (Zeinab Kenaji), which she sent to the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, before carrying out the commando operation.

The memorial ceremony ended with a short film about the life of the struggler Zilan.



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