Jiyan Amara .... achieved what regimes failed

Their academy's trainings have achieved what the old regimes have failed to do; building a moral society based on democracy, freedom and equality.


In order to develop and train young women and to acquaint them with their history, which was distorted by the authoritarian regimes that ruled the region and restricted their freedom and role to the work within the house only, the Young Women's Union of al-Jazeera opened Amara Academy in 2014 in al-Darbasiya district of al-Hasakah canton in north Syria.

The Academy, which is located to the west of the district, has ended a course each month since its opening. The trainees receive courses on "Women's History, Women's Science(Jineoloji), Natural Life, Leader's Reality, Shared Life and the History of Kurdistan."

The trainees also receive lessons on heritage sites in al-Jazeera region and visited them, in addition to watching documentaries in the evening and lectures on true friendship.

The 20-day courses are attended by women of all ages and components.

During an interview with the ANHA news agency with the director of Jiyan Amara  Academy, Dastan Jody, she said that the aim of the academy's opening was to organize and educate young women.

"She added," We, as a young women's movement, our  basic duties are to free women from masculine mind and from the constraints that stand in the way of their freedom." She noted "We are training young women wherever they are to be free-thinking."



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