Joint Russian -Turkish patrol eastern Kobani

On Thursday, Russian Military Police conducted a joint patrol with the Turkish Occupation Forces to the east of the city of Kobani, in northern Syria.

The joint patrol, that was made up of four Russian armoured vehicles and four other Turkish ones, set off from the village of Gharib on the Syrian – Turkish border, to the east of the city of Kobani. 

It is scheduled that the patrol would pass some villages on the border to the east of the city of Kobani, then to return to the place from which it was commenced.

Conducting such Russian - Turkish joint patrols come within the agreement reached at the Russian city of Sochi, on October 22nd, 2019, between the Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyib Erdogan, that stipulates withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, to the distance of at least 30 km from the Syrian –Turkish border, and conducting joint patrols inside the Syrian territories in no more than 9 km deepness, as well as ceasing all hostilities in the area, but breaches from the Turkish side and the affiliated mercenaries, proceed on daily bases  .  

Turkish Occupation Army and the affiliated mercenaries proceed bombarding villages in the Gire spi / Tal Abyad, Ain Issa, Tal Tamr, Zarghan and Manbij on daily bases, in addition to ground offensives from time to time, the last of which was on the Ain Issa district just days ago, where Pro –Turkish mercenaries tried to advance on the town of Ain Issa itself, but they were repelled by Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, that abide by the articles of the agreement as their legitimate right for self-defence, where the machination was foiled.


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