Jordanian judiciary decides to dissolve Muslim Brotherhood

On Thursday, the Jordanian judicial authorities decided to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood in the kingdom "because it had not corrected its legal status," according to a Jordanian judicial source.

The source, which preferred anonymity, told France Press that the Court of Cassation, the highest judicial body in Jordan, "issued a decisive decision to consider the Muslim Brotherhood to be decadent and missing its legal and legal personality, because it did not correct its legal status in accordance with Jordanian laws."

The decision, issued on Wednesday, according to the same source, came after a lawsuit filed by the group on the Department of Lands and Survey to request nullification of the transfer of ownership of its lands and properties to the "Muslim Brotherhood" that replaced it.

The Jordanian authorities consider the group to be illegal because they did not obtain a new license under a law on parties and associations passed in 2014.

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