Joseph Kablan: Afrin's massacres are sequel to Armenian massacres

A member of the Catholic Synod and the Syrian Democratic Council in Aleppo, Joseph Qablan, confirmed that the massacres committed against the components in Afrin are a continuation of the Armenian massacres 107 years ago.


As the 107th anniversary of the Armenian genocide or major crime, as the Ottoman fascists committed against Armenians, approached Hawar news agency met with a member of Catholic Synod and a member of Syrian Democratic Council Joseph Qablan.

Joseph presented merciful at the beginning of his speech to the martyrs of the massacre, and Afrin's martyrs in particular, adding that Turkish occupation represents Ottoman entity depends on the genocidal policy, continued by saying: "There is no doubt that Ottoman entity since ancient times is characterized as a murderer of peoples .. peoples' pesticide... and crushed civilizations so it has no attributes to serve humanity only murder and torture, we have seen through our study of Ottoman history only creativity in killing and displacement.

Joseph added, "We are now approaching the painful anniversary of the massacre of Armenians, which enters its 107 these massacres during which wiped out more than one and a half million Armenians, as well as releasing resolutions that permit seizing their churches and their homes and livelihoods."

As regards the similarities between the massacres of Afrin and Armenians, Joseph explained that the descendants of Ottomans still follow the same line pursued by Ottomans, and added, "It is still the descendants of Ottomans marching in the footsteps of their Ottomans ancestors to declare war to kill people and hit the ingredients and committing massacres. With the approaching of anniversary of Armenians massacres, Erdogan's mercenaries continue to commit such disgraceful acts of Afrin of killing and displacement to a demographic change in the area and declared a Turkish region. "

Joseph sent a letter to Erdogan, saying " Erdogan" know well that we are a Aleppo's Christians and Armenians as well as all the components deplore and remind the world of this ancient genocide in Turkey and the new in Afrin, but the international community's position assures us its involvement and participation of these massacres to achieve their despicable goals in the land of civilizations, land of oppressed peoples."

Joseph stressed that history will not forgive Erdogan for his actions in Afrin from the destruction of our historic churches, including Ras Marmaroun, Brad, al-Sheikh Suleiman, Mashbak, al-Sheikh Saman.

They killed his grandfather in Turkey and returned to kill him in Afrin

The member of Catholic Synod has declared that the establishment of the Turkish occupation army elements arrested the citizen of Armenian Kaspar Kasparian and taken to an unknown destination and after confirming the identity of the kidnapped, and that he belonged to Armenian community, the mercenaries ordered by the invading Turkish forces to execute so-called Kaspar Kasparian in 38 years old.

Joseph added " Kaspar grandfather called Hosib Kasparian, and he is one of the victims of Armenians massacres in Turkey, but his son managed to escape from the massacres and access to Afrin at that time, but after Turkey's occupation to Afrin carried the rule of his grandfather and killed him because he is Armenians and that history repeats itself."



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