Journalist Salaz: Preparations are underway for launching massive intervention against self-rule in Başûr

Journalist Najm al-Din Salaz said that the Turkish occupation state is launching attacks on Başûr Kurdistan with the knowledge of the Iraqi government, and the government of Iraq is preparing for a widespread intervention against the Kurdish self-rule in Başûr.

The attacks of the Turkish occupation state on Başûr (south) Kurdistan continue. Attacks targeting civilians and populated areas and nature, the silence of the Government of Iraq and the negative attitudes of political parties in the region towards the attacks increase the people's angry reactions.

Journalist Najm al-Din Salaz, who closely follows the events in the area, spoke to Hawar news agency ANHA and explained the reasons for the attacks of the occupied Turkish state on Başûr and the silence of the Iraqi government and political parties towards these occupation attacks.

Najm al-Din Salaz made it clear that it is not right to look at the attempts of the Turkish state to occupy Rojava and Başûr of Kurdistan and Libya as aiming to cover up the internal crisis and divert the attention of the people from it. And he said: "The truth is that if one looks closely at the establishment of the state they are seeking to build, the new Ottoman, rule according to the model of the kingdom, the practices that they follow in order to achieve the caliphate all of this shows Turkey's intentions. The dream of the Turkish state is to re-annex the Başûr of Kurdistan, Mosul and Kirkuk, which it lost in World War to its territories. To realize this dream, all dirty methods are practiced in front of the world’s sight. It kills civilians, bombs villages, establishment new bases and increases the number of its soldiers in those bases. "

The "safe zone" division of Kurdistan

The saying, "The safe zone at a depth of 40 km," which Turkish state officials seek to implement in Rojava and Başûr, was described by Salaz as an attempt to divide directly into Kurdistan.

Salaz pointed out that the Turkish state and under the name of the safe zone occupies those areas and brings their mercenaries and their families to it and seeks to change its demography, and continued: "The Turkish state seeks to include the cities, towns and villages inhabited by various ethnic groups over its territory over time and draw a new map. This is the primary goal. Behind the recent fascist practices of AKP- MHP. "

"Occupation attacks cannot take place without the knowledge of the states."

Salaz added: "The United States of America, Europe, Iraq, the Arab world and Iran, unfortunately, there are no parties among them that we can consider friendly to the Kurds. All the aforementioned powers have interest on Kurdistan and do not differ from each other much. As for the East, it is a means of trade and colonialism, and this is what is sometimes discussed at the table of discussion. Therefore, one should not wait for these forces to move differently from each other. "

Salaz pointed out that the attitudes of the United States of America, Iraq and Iran towards the crimes of the Turkish state in the region are no more than being ink on paper, and he added, "When intervention was made in the oil and gas areas, such as Mosul and Kirkuk, different positions emerged because the Turkish state, the Western powers, Iraq, and Iran have their own agendas towards these regions." Just as in Libya. However, one cannot know what this will cause the Kurds to do. In the end, what happens will happen, as war and its pain become the share of the people of this region. If we look at all these facts and add to them the visit of the Turkish intelligence chief to Baghdad a few days ago, we realize that it is not possible that there will be no agreement concluded. "

PDK stands by Turkey, the positions of other parties have no effect"

On the role of the PDK, YNK, Kuran and Başûr of Kurdistan parties, towards the attacks of the Turkish occupation state, Salaz said: "There are two Islamic parties, one of them: the unit (yekgirtu) which is known by its proximity to the Turkish state. The Islamic grouping (Kumala) can be said to be liberal. Although the Kuran movement Within the government and it has a large public but does not have much influence. YNK is exposed to great pressure in the recent period from the Turkish state. The PDK has good relations with the Turkish state, both politically and economically. There is cooperation between them in many areas. The PDK provides the Turkish state with information about the geography of the region and offers it the capabilities, so the people's reactions have increased. We can say that the PDK stands by the Turkish state and others that have not taken strong positions against the occupation.

Najm al-Din Salaz pointed out that the Turkish state has launched attacks on Başûr of Kurdistan 30 years ago, but it is the first time that the Iraqi government has sent its soldiers to the region and this matter has other goals. He said: “It is too early to say that the Iraqi government is moving against the occupation’s attempts. Not to exclude that Turkey's intention exceeds the occupation of Başûr lands to enter the Iraqi lands. But recently there are serious preparations and preparations against the autonomy of the Kurds. They want to control oil, border crossings and airports. In return, they propose to provide some Iraqi dinars per month. The regional government is ready for these demands but sees The amount is small. The gains that have been made thanks to the blood of thousands of Kurdish martyrs are being lost little by little since the referendum. "

"Unity is the only way to stop attacks."

Journalist Najm al-Din Salaz indicated that the only way to stop the attacks on Kurdistan is to meet the Kurdish parties and achieve unity, and he continued: “Bakur has no problem with unity. Rojava is on a positive path, but the main force that can achieve Kurdish unity in the current circumstances is the Başûr of Kurdistan. There are centers for the main parties in it. The unity that will be achieved there will affect all parts of Kurdistan. Unfortunately, the forces in Başûr, led by the PDK, did not feel this way. Briefly; Removing the obstacles that stand in the way of unity will close the road to all internal and external difficulties and problems that stand in the way of the Kurdish people.



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