Journalists and media professionals in NE, Syria denounce Turkish threats against region

Journalists and media professionals in north and east Syria announced that they will redouble their efforts to expose the dirty policies pursued by the Turkish state against their homeland, and that the threats and attacks of the occupation will not deviate them from their responsibilities and duty towards their people in conveying the truth and defending their rights.

Denouncing the attacks of the Turkish occupation on north and east Syria, the Free Media Union (YRA) and media organizations in north and east Syria made a statement today in front of the Martyr Robar Roundabout in Qamishlo.

The statement was delivered in both Arabic by the co-chair of the media office in Jazira region, Riyad Yousef, and in Kurdish by Jani Khemkin, a member of the General Council of the Free Media Union.

At the beginning of the statement, "the continuation of the campaign of extermination carried out by the Turkish occupation state against the Kurdish people and the peoples of the entire region, by providing support to ISIS/Daesh and other mercenary groups, and harboring ISIS/Daesh leaders in the occupied areas is the best evidence of this, leading to the occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, and the demographic change that it affects those areas, and the daily bombardment of citizens in the villages and towns of north and east Syria is a clear violation by the Turkish government of international laws and covenants.”

The statement also condemned the arrest by the Turkish occupation authorities of a group of Kurdish journalists and considered it a violation of human rights, and added, "The Turkish state's threats and attacks against the Kurdish people did not stop at certain limits, but rather exceeded all borders, and flagrant violations against human rights continue, whether in north and east Syria or even within its borders, the Turkish government launched a campaign of arrests and attacks a few days ago, targeting Kurdish journalists, media professionals and politicians who defended the truth and exposed the practices of the fascist Turkish state.

In a clear violation of the sovereignty and borders of countries, the Turkish state's UAVs, hundreds of kilometers deep outside its borders, target politicians and patriots of our people in Shengal and the whole of Southern Kurdistan, in addition to the continuation of the almost daily bombardment of villages and towns in north and east Syria, and coinciding with these attacks, what the Turkish state is still threatening a new attack on our safe areas, which have become a refuge for hundreds of thousands of displaced people from various Syrian regions. On the other hand, the Turkish state continues to build settlements in the occupied areas of Syria and on lands whose true owners have been forcibly displaced, and is working to settle more than a million of Syrian refugee on the lands of the forcibly displaced.

The statement explained that the demographic change will negatively affect security in the region and the humanitarian situation, "The government of justice and development violates all international conventions for the protection of citizens through its aforementioned immoral practices, and the demographic change it is doing will negatively affect the humanitarian situation and security and stability in the region, and will create a deep rift in Syrian society in general.

Journalists and media professionals in north and east Syria stressed during the statement that they will redouble their efforts to expose the dirty policies pursued by the Turkish state against their homeland, and the statement continued, "We will be as we have always been, the voice of our people and peoples yearning for freedom everywhere, and we affirm that our resolve will not soften, and these threats will not deviate us from And the fierce attacks on our responsibility and our duty towards our people and the peoples of the region in conveying the truth, representing their will and defending their rights in all circumstances.

The statement pledged: "Our media colleagues who did not spare their lives in order to convey the truth to the people in the most difficult circumstances that we will continue the march to be the true voice of society and its free will."

In its conclusion, the statement appealed to journalists, media professionals, media outlets and all revolutionary and democratic forces in the world to stand by them and close ranks in the face of the Turkish attacks hostile to their people with all its components.



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