Journalists of north-east Syria denounce targeting women working for Afghan TV

Journalists in north and east Syria condemned the ISIS attack on the three female media professionals working for the Afghan TV channel, saying, “We, as journalists, will monitor every outlet and expose all crimes against women to the public opinion.”

On the news that ISIS mercenaries launched an attack on three women working for the Afghan TV channel, journalists in north-east Syria issued a statement condemning the crimes of ISIS.

The text of the statement included:

“Coinciding with the advent of the days when women everywhere are celebrating the International Women's Day, and conducting activities and demonstrations, there are many incidents that fall within the framework of systematic violence against women. There is an incident where three female employees of the local Afghan TV station, while they were on their way home from their jobs, were attacked by ISIS mercenaries and lost their lives as a result.

  We, as journalists in North and East Syria (YRJ), express our resentment from this incident and condemn the barbarity and crimes of these extremist forces. All journalists must not remain silent about this incident and expose it to the whole world.

Journalists are responsible for conveying the truth, and they are the ones who fulfill their duties and do their sacred work to enlighten humanity. The targeting of journalists reveals the reality of the mentality of the obscurantist parties who oppose the right and freedom of the press. This event once again shows the danger of ISIS in the world, especially against women.

As is known, the defeat of ISIS in the regions of north and east Syria came thanks to the struggle and resistance of the peoples of the region, but there are still sleeper cells in our region. Many successful operations have been carried out against them and the operations are still continuing. It is very clear that those behind these cells are the people who organize ISIS in the world. On the other hand, there are those who try to spread the existing truth, clarify it, and fulfill their moral and journalistic duty. In our region and Kurdistan too, there are journalists who remained keep up with the struggle against ISIS moment by moment and lit our journalistic path.

Some of the journalists who were martyred at the hands of ISIS while covering the struggle against ISIS, such as Deniz Furat, Delishan Ibish, who were martyred on the path of free media, left us a legacy of the press struggle against an obscurantist and reactionary mentality like ISIS. On the path of this inheritance, we condemn once again the incident of the killing of these three women journalists and call for an investigation to be opened against the forces and countries that support ISIS, which become the cause of killing women and committing crimes against them. In order to prevent the spread of the anti-women mentality of ISIS in the world, the concerned parties must do their duty, and our duty as journalists also is not to abandon the cases of femicide and the violation of journalists’ rights. We, as YRJ, will continue our struggle and activities in this regard without hesitation.”



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