Journalists reveal  new evidence of Erdogan's support for terrorists

During a session of the Dutch Parliament, journalists revealed new evidence of the support of the Turkish President Erdogan's government for hardline terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and Daesh in Syria, Iraq and a number of Mediterranean countries by supplying them with weapons and money.

The Journalist Abdullah Bouzkurt, who is the director of the Nordic Monitor website, spoke at an event organized by the Dutch Parliament on the role of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government in support of radical terrorist groups including al-Qaeda and Daesh in Syria and Iraq, and a number of countries of the Mediterranean, by providing them with arms, money, and logistical support.

The website "Nordic Monitor" quoted from Bouzkurt saying at the session held on 25 April: "Based on hundreds of wiretapping records. We can say that Erdogan's government facilitated the transfer of extremist militants to Syria and allowed them to return to Turkey for receiving treatment."

Bouzkurt explained in detail the role of the Turkish intelligence in the transfer of terrorists across Turkish territory, and directing them to implement certain agendas serving Erdogan, pointing out that these operations are illegal in Turkish and international laws.

He said Erdogan had followed a malicious policy of warning against the terrorists' threat, but he had exploited them as a pressure and bargaining chips in any international negotiations, an update of Ankara's allies and partners.

"Those who follow the major terrorist operations of Daesh in Europe and Asia will discover that most of the attackers and suicide bombers have spent some time in Turkey, a matter which had been planned for," he said.

He pointed out that the main challenge facing the Turks now is the opposition of Erdogan's interests with the interests of the country. The president is ready to sacrifice everything in order to retain power.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Stockholm Freedom Center, Levantine Keynes, pointed out that the government of Erdogan targeted the journalists who had investigated the links of the Turkish government with the militant groups, and revealed the secret operations carried out by the Intelligence, bringing the total number of journalists detained in Turkish prisons to 191 people.

In a reference to Turkey's involvement in supporting the terrorist organizations in Syria, Turkish media outlets revealed in February that the Turkish president had offered to his American counterpart Donald Trump to take charge of the transfer of 800 European Daesh mercenaries from northeastern Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are capturing 800 Europeans who were fighting in the ranks of Daesh in north and east of Syria, at a time when Europe is still looking for a way out of this issue until Turkey entered the line.

The Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" reported that Erdogan had offered Trump "suddenly" that Turkey would take responsibility for the transfer of these mercenaries from northern and eastern Syria to the areas controlled by Turkey in northern Syria.



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