Jrablos Military Council commented on Turkish violations

Jrablos Military Council condemned in a statement issued on Monday the daily violations committed by the Turkish occupation mercenaries in Jrablos city, and it called on the international community to put pressure on  the Turkish state to withdraw from Jrablos and all the Syrian cities that it occupies.


The spokesman of Jrablos Military Council Ali Hejo read the statement in the presence of many commanders of Jrablos Military Council and its fighters. The text of the statement included:

"We, in Jrablos Military Council, condemn the violations of the Turkish forces which occupied our city Jrablos in an infested deal with IS organization that led to the withdrawal of a number of its commanders, and the re-recruitment of hundreds of gunmen of the organization with new names and characteristics, and they quickly returned to oppress the people.

The Turkish army and its mercenary militias carry out various violations against the civilians as the mercenaries systematically carry out practices of robbery, looting, murdering and kidnapping so that chaos was spread, leading to an exodus from the city towards the city of Manbij or areas under the regime control.

We call on the international community and the countries involved in the Syrian affairs to intervene and put pressure on the Turkish state to withdraw from Jrablos and the occupied Syrian cities. We call upon them to take all necessary measures to stop their violations and crimes against the civilians and stop the repeated fighting operations inside our city.

We demand insuring the necessary guarantees for their return. We pledge our people in Jrablos that we will never compromise on the rights of our people to be saved from the colonizer, and that we would struggle for the sake of the freedom and democracy."



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