Judge in Lebanon resigned over his decision to prevent American ambassador from making statements

The Urgent Matters Judge in Tyre in southern Lebanon, Muhammad Mazeh, submitted his resignation to the Supreme Judicial Council after he was referred to the Judicial Inspection against the backdrop of his recent judicial decision to ban the US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea from making statements.

The judge Mazeh confirmed: "My resignation is final because my judicial decision was legal and politicized." In his first comment after submitting his resignation, he wrote through his private account on Facebook: "Am I not right, yes, God willing, so I don't care if I signed the punishment or the punishment was imposed on me, thanks God Lord of the worlds, and with the permission of my master Imam al-Hussein and my greatest master Ali."

The resigned judge also told local media outlets: "I was surprised to be informed as soon as I came to the Supreme Judicial Council that the case had been referred to the central inspection, and this is what I am not satisfied with, based on the dignity of the judiciary."

The Judge Mazeh issued a statement last Sunday, in which he said: "Some websites reported that the General Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Aouidat, referred Judge Muhammad Mazeh to the Judicial Inspection Board due to ineligibility. I announce that I had not been informed of anything related to this matter."

He added: "In the event that it was true, before accepting me, I was referred to the inspection because of a decision I issued with completely clear of conscience and based on the provisions of the law that I mentioned in the decision, I formally submit an application for termination of my service in the judiciary on Tuesday, 30/6/2020."




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