July 19 Revolution …Change and Building Revolution –  2

The July 19, 2012 Revolution is based on the philosophy of the democratic nation, What are its basic pillars? What system has it northeast of Syria built on, to what degree has progress been made?

Autonomous Administration is based on the spirit of the democratic nation's philosophy

 The revolution of July 19, 2012 in the Kurdish regions, quickly spread to all northeast of Syria that were liberated from ISIS terrorism. This revolution that is based on the philosophy of the democratic nation. The second part of it talks about its dimensions and the extent of its application.

It is a different revolution ..

The July 19 revolution differs from others in terms of their specificity and the administrative system on which they relied. The Autonomous Administration system is a new model in the Middle East that is found on the philosophy of the democratic nation that calls for building a moral and political society that guarantees women's freedom and environmental protection.

In this context, Hassan Koçer, member of the Executive Body of the Syria Democratic Council, says, "The Rojava Revolution works to reactivate the moral and political society after the ruling authorities drove it away from its nature. It seeks to reach a society capable of managing itself."

What is the democratic nation?

The leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, in his pleading titled "Sociology of Freedom",  defines the democratic nation as follow: A democratic nation takes root among linguistic and cultural groups that live in the same or similar fashion within an ethical-political society, and a social  is achieved in the democratic nation. all the tribes, clans, people, and even families to its place in the moral political society in the form of units. The diversity of languages, dialects and cultures transforms into a new nation. In the new nation, of course, it is not permitted to impose an ethnic or sectarian group or a certain belief or ideology of its nature on this nation. "

Every region can declare its autonomous administration according to its specificity. Ocalan says: “If the democratic nation is a soul, then democratic autonomous administration is the body.”

Ocalan summarized the philosophy of the democratic nation in his pleading titled "The Kurdish Cause and Dissolution of the Democratic Nation" in 9 pillars that are now practically applied in northeast of Syria, as follows:

The individual - the free citizen and the life of the democratic commune in the democratic nation

In a democratic nation, the individual must be a communal (participatory) person, the individual who enjoys false freedom and is provoked by capitalist selfishness against society, but implicitly lives the most powerful forms of slavery.

To achieve this pillar, the July 19 Revolution formed the communes that are the smallest and basic units in the organization of society. On this basis, the communes were formed in farms, villages and neighborhoods, and on the basis that the commune is the core of AA, These communes originated from district, city and county councils and up to the AA's structure.

In northeast of Syria, communes consisted of committees such as (health, education and training, service, protection, women, youth, justice, economics ...), but there is an obstacle to establishing this pillar in society. According to Koçer,

"The state system has continuously fought communal society, and kept the individual away from his comical life, which is of his nature. Nevertheless, the peculiarity of the commune in society still exists. After 8 years of revolution, there is too much development with some shortcomings, centered on the society's inability to get rid of the mentality of power and the environment of government.

"Despite some weaknesses, northeast of Syria is the most effective area, given its formation of communes and councils. It lives in a new model and experience," he added.

He explained that the ability to reach a true and correct understanding of the commune and its principles takes time, stressing the need to develop the communes and the emergency situations.

Political life and semi-democratic independence in a democratic nation

It is impossible to conceive of a democratic nation without autonomous administration, because democratic nations are societal entities with autonomous administration. If a society is deprived of administration, then it comes out of being a nation, and a nation cannot be conceived without administration within contemporary social realities. Even colonial nations have administrations, even if they descend from alien origins.

On this basis, the democratic autonomous administration that was announced in January of 2014 was the fruit of the July 19 Revolution. During the revolution and liberation of new regions, the number of autonomous administrations increased. Thus the regions of northeast of Syria are organized on the basis of 7 autonomous-administrations, each has its own specificity. According to the residents of the region, these seven departments met on September 6, 2018, under the roof of Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, AANES.

In this context, Hamdan Al-Abd, Deputy Co-Presidency of the Executive Council in AANES, says, "The July 19 Revolution is a true reflection of the application of the principle of equality, justice and humanity in the face of the central authoritarian system that monopolizes the will of peoples and prevents them from exercising their rights to express opinion, cultures, customs and their daily religious rituals.

" Al-Abd emphasized that AANES has cultivated familiarity and tolerance among all components and ensured the participation of everyone in the through its laws that respect human rights and fundamental freedoms. It allowed everyone to practice their beliefs, customs and traditions.

He added, "One of the fruits of the July 19 Revolution is freedom of opinion and expression, and women."

The democratic nation and social life

The being of the democratic nation society is the first condition for living as a healthy society. It restores the society that the nation-state consumed to its origin.

Society cannot be compensated with anything in a person’s life, leaving the community and moving away from it, means leaving humanity. For a democratic nation, the insistence is on socialism, and survival of a society that is being subverted by capitalist modernity.

A democratic nation is an alternative society against the authority of the state. It is a democratic society against socialism and the methods of slavery and inequality. It is a free and complete society with equality.

The July 19 Revolution brought about notable changes in the society of northeast of Syria. It provided it with confidence to manage and build its institutions that stand against authority and subordination.

In this context, the member of the science of women ( Jinology), Ghalia Nemat, points out that the AANES's experience is very important, and she said: "In practice, participatory life is no strange on the northeast of Syrian society, which united before the regimes that sought to divide and scatter society."

She emphasized that the AANES has restored the participatory spirit of the community and continued, saying, "Afrin is an example, which has embraced thousands of displaced from various Syrian regions, as well as the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo.


Despite the progress achieved in society in this context, Koçer sees some shortcomings in achieving this pillar that must be avoided, "Society must struggle in this endeavor, it must trust its strength, culture and ideas because society is the only one capable of overthrowing dictatorial regimes through solidarity. "

The democratic nation and semi-economic independence

Economic semi-independence is mainly taken in the democratic nation, because it is the lowest level of agreement that will be achieved between the nation-state and the democratic nation. Any agreement or solution that is inferior to it is considered a surrender indicative of the phrase, "It is finished!" .As for the transition of semi-economic independence to the status of independence, it means building a national, counter-state.

The economic semi-independence is not based on private capitalism or the state’s capitalism, but rather operates mainly according to the ecological industry and the communal economy as a reflection of democracy in the field of economics. Therefore industrialism, development, technology, companies, and property are defined within the framework of the ecological and democratic society.

In the areas of northeast of Syria, some steps have been taken to achieve economic semi-independence, but Hassan Koçber believes that this pillar has not been achieved as required.

"We must be realistic, it is true that we were able to meet some needs and manage the region economically. We have built cooperatives, but they have not lived up to the required level, they have not played their main role, and need to work seriously on them," he added.

 The legal system of the democratic nation

Law in a democratic nation depends on diversity, rarely resorting to legal arrangements and is characterized by a simple and uncomplicated structure. The democratic nation depends on solving a large percentage of its issues through moral and political measures.

A democratic nation is an ethical and political nation more than a nation of law. Its need for law emerges when it works mainly in accordance with reconciliation with nation states under a common political roof. Then the distinction between national laws and local autonomous administration laws is of noticeable importance.

In this context, member of the Training Council of the Democratic Society Academy, Givara Sheikh Nour, said, "The law under the nation-state relies mainly on strengthening the authority of the state. It has nothing to do with truth and justice, and if it is claimed, the democratic nation depends on morality."

Sheikh Nour continued, saying, "But in the context of the transitional phase from the mentality of the nation-state to the democratic nation, we may be forced to use laws, but only on condition that they carry a moral dimension, as this dimension is based mainly on society."

Sheikh Noor affirms that the AANES has made great strides in the field of law, especially by focusing on the social dimension in resolving intractable issues through conciliation councils.

Culture of a democratic nation

The cultural dimension is an important factor in the emergence of nations. Therefore, the democratic nation seeks to form itself by returning the true meaning to history and culture, that is, as if history and culture exposed to deformation and genocide are witnessing a renaissance during the national democratic transition

The regions of NES needed a revolution on the cultural front, above all, because of distortion of the Baathist regime of the history and culture, so the July 19 Revolution played a major role in correcting the history of the society.

In this context, Hassan Koçber says, "The spirit of patriotism, resistance, redemption, and struggle was previously present with the Kurdish people. It did not spare his spirit from his revolution, but there is a weakness in reaching the revolutionary people's war, so we must organize ourselves more, and develop the spirit of resistance and struggle, to reach victory, we must develop our cultural revolution, and all families must shoulder their responsibilities to develop this revolution. "

Self-defense system in the democratic nation

The democratic nation takes the basis of the self-defense system, as each living organism has its own defense system. There is not only one living being devoid of the defense mechanism.

Accordingly, the people of NES formed their military forces since the beginning of the revolution such as People's Protection Units, worldwide supported the SDF due to its achievements in defending humanity against mercenary and terrorist groups.

The spokesperson for the YPG Mahmoud Nouri Mahmoud said that the military forces are working within the framework of legitimate defense of the region against any attacks and are still continuing in the defense. He confirms that the gains and victories achieved as well as building institutions, sectors and military formations during the revolution proved to the world how the success of the military forces seeking to build an ethical and political society, emerging from a political memory owned by society.

Democratic nation diplomacy

Democratic nation diplomacy is a mean to devote peace and beneficial relations, not to ignite wars. It expresses a noble moral and political function performed by wise people. The democratic nation adopts the political and moral virtues formed from the triad of the ecological democratic society and the freedom of women, aims to become the basis of its foreign policy, and bases in its international and regional relations on the strategy of peace, dialogue and friendship.

PYD's  member of the presidency, Saleh Muslim thinks that the July 19 managed to win and support the international street, and was able to influence public opinion.

During the July 19 revolution, the Kurds gained access to various powers, states, and peoples to familiarize themselves with the Kurdish Cause, as a result of the resistance and struggle of the revolution, many AANES representations were opened in the world. The administration obtained military support from more than 73 foreign countries to support its military forces in Kobani.

The diplomacy that the revolution pursued to reach societies and peoples without the authorities, to define the region and its project, succeeded in gaining the support of the peoples of the world that pressed the governments of their countries to support and support northern and eastern Syria, despite the political war waged against these areas and the military attacks on them.

What the revolution followed abroad began its features gradually, and this was evident in the attack on the areas of the revolution, "Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî/ Tal Abyad", and the pressure that the international community and its peoples exerted on their governments, which led to stopping the Turkish attacks according to Saleh Muslim's expression.

"He may not know about this diplomacy and its achievements only those who closely follow it. It is true that the governments works on the basis of their interests, but the diplomacy of the democratic nation through its continuation will have a greater positive impact on the region."

Free competitive life in the democratic nation 

The emancipation of women is of great importance during the transition to a democratic nation. A liberated woman means a liberal society, and a democratic nation. It exceeds the view that assigns women roles such as wife, mother, sister, or beloved, as is always the case in modernity and within the traditional boundaries drawn.

Member of Women Science " Jinology", Ghalia Nemat pointed out that the common life is the basis of the democratic nation's philosophy. The concept of participatory life starts from the individual, and relationship between man and woman, up to the relationship between nations, states, components and religions.

In the third part of our file, we will deal with the reality of women in the July 19 revolution extensively.

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