Jurist: Turkey threatens Europe with ISIS, courts should be established in NE, Syria

 A Syrian jurist pointed out that the Turkish occupation state is making a public blackmail to the West by displacing ISIS mercenaries and their families within the convoys of Syrians refugees to Europe, calling for establishing courts in northern and eastern Syria to hold these mercenaries accountable.

During a meeting of Hawar news agency ANHA with jurist Abdullah Mustafa, who talked about the role of Turkey in the establishment, training and support of ISIS mercenaries, and the claim of Turkey to fight them, and blackmail them the West.

Mustafa explained that the Justice and Development Party contributed to the emergence of ISIS after it opened its doors and airports in Istanbul and all the southern central cities to receive the Islamic State's Gangs of the West, and training them in its cities.

Mustafa pointed out that, according to official statistic of the Turkish occupation, the number of those arrested on charges of belonging to ISIS 26 thousand and 466 elements, "But in fact, only about 100 people have been sentenced, yet today the Turkish occupation claims that it is fighting ISIS at once and arresting them and trying them again."

He said that " Turkey deludes the world by arresting them, while investing them and put them in the battles in Syria against SDF, and the peoples of the region of various components and spectra."

"Turkey's diplomatic machinations to intimidate the West with the ISIS card as well as the Syrian immigrants are a game to spend time on the one hand and continue its aggression against the north and east of Syria against the democratic project on the other," said the Jurist Mustafa.

He stressed that the Turkish occupation continued to support the mercenaries of ISIS "The Turkish occupation army supported terrorist factions' mercenaries from the Syrians under the name of the National Army in the attack on Ain Issa camp in order to release them, and return them to their strength."

Mustafa pointed out that the international community should, despite its media and diplomatic moves, which did not bear any fruit towards the mercenaries of ISIS, which the SDF and the International Coalition in Syria are still fighting, should try global terrorism and its supporters, having revealed the truth through thousands of international, local and regional documents condemning the jihadist terrorist groups established by the Turkish state, and continues to support it with all the possibilities provided by the Western countries to support refugees in Turkey.

There are more than 12,000 terrorist mercenaries in the Autonomous Administration prisons, including about 2,000 foreigners, and about 63,000 of their families. On this issue, Mustafa stressed the need for an international trial of ISIS mercenaries in the places where they committed massacres against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, and the Syrian people in general.

He continued at the end of his speech, "while the Turkish occupation state cover up to send its mercenaries of ISIS to Europe, the world and the West to make a comparison between the actions of the Turkish occupation and extortion and the advantage of arbitration against ISIS in northern and eastern Syria."



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