Jurists: Daesh's elements must be tried where they committed their crimes by IC

Jurists from Afrin have demanded to try IS' elements who were captured by SDF at the site of the crime and in a court recognized internationally.

The issue of Daesh's elements who are captured by SDF is still prominent in many countries, in particular, their countries refuse to return them and try them. Juristic centers in the north and east of Syria are seeking the establishment of an international court to try these elements in north Syria's areas as they are the crimes zones.

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with a number of the jurists from Afrin, the lawyer Israfil Mustafa said that the Autonomous Administration has the right to try these mercenaries "under the extradition law signed by the Syrian state under international conventions and in accordance with the arrest site of the offender."

Mustafa stressed that "the right place to try these mercenaries is north-east of Syria, but this region must be protected internationally because if it is not protected enough internationally and under guardianship, the places of detention of these mercenaries will be at risk. These tribunals must be also recognized internationally to prosecute Daesh's elements since these provisions must be in accordance with the standards of prosecution of criminals and the law against terrorism.

During his speech, Mustafa pointed to the danger if Daesh stay without trial and stressed that they pose a danger to the world and the whole humanitarian presence so it is necessary to speed up their trial or return them."

For his part, the lawyer Ibrahim Sheikho said: "Daesh terrorists' gangs committed horrible crimes against the innocent people in every place they occupied such as Syria and Iraq, and have done many crimes against humanity."

He said that the trial of these mercenaries must be by an internationally recognized court in the north and east of Syria, where the crime was committed and where the criminals were arrested.



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