Jurists: Syrian regime's policy against Afrin people contradicts international laws

  Jurists said that the besiege imposed by the Syrian's regime in the refugees of Afrin, who live in al-Shahba district contradicts international laws and customs for the protection of displaced.

 The Syrian regime continues to impose a suffocating blockade on al- Shahba district, which includes tens of thousands of displaced Afrin residents, as a result of the Turkish aggression on January 20 last year.

IDPs are protected under many laws, especially national and human rights law, and are protected by international humanitarian law if they are in a country where an armed conflict is taking place.

"A year and a half ago, the Syrian regime imposed a suffocating blockade on the people of Afrin canton, who were displaced to al-Shahba district," said human rights lawyer Rashid Mohammed.

"As a result of the siege, the population suffers from a shortage of medicines and infant formula. The regime also prevents patients from going to Aleppo for receiving treatment, which resulted in the death of many people," Mohammed said.

Mohammed added that the Syrian regime imposes royalties on the necessary materials for the residents of al-Shahba.

For its part, the human rights, Hyhan Ali stressed that the siege imposed by the regime, violates international laws on the protection of civilians "under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, The Hague Convention of 1907, which cares for the humanitarian aspect of peoples during the war, which provides for everything necessary for the displaced and fleeing

"The measures taken by the Syrian regime forces against the Afrin displaced people in al-Shahba are aimed at emptying the popular resistance from its content and put pressure against the people to empty the area and displace them to other areas," she added.



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