​​​​​​​Kado: confirms timing of launching Turkish occupation attacks with ISIS insurgency

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria, Saleh Kado, linked the increasing movements of ISIS mercenaries with the attacks of Turkish drones against North and East Syria, and considered these attacks in retaliation for the leaders who defeated ISIS, while calling on the International Coalition to carry out its responsibilities in putting an end to Turkey's terrorism in the region

The attacks of the Turkish occupation state on North and East Syria and its targeting of fighters and leaders who struggled against ISIS mercenaries, through its drone, coincide with the increased activity and movements of mercenaries in an attempt to launch a new attack against the region.

Strong relationship between Turkey and ISIS

Commenting on this, the Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria, Saleh Kado, drew attention to the Turkish occupation state's targeting of the people of the region and its pioneers who defeated ISIS mercenaries, saying: "The Turkish state's drones have re-launched their attacks on the region again after stopping for several days.”

He indicated that they in the National Unity Parties discussed this issue "with the new American ambassador a while ago, especially the targeting of Turkish drones against civilians, children and fighters who fought against ISIS and terrorism in the region."

In reference to the increasing movements and attempts of ISIS mercenaries in conjunction with the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on North and East Syria, Kado explained that there is a strong relationship between the attacks of the occupying state and ISIS activity in the region in the recent period, and said: "Whenever ISIS fails, the Turkish state raises its the pace of its war and its attacks by drones against the region to open the way for ISIS again.”

He added: "This strong relationship and the deep alliance between the Turkish state and ISIS is taking place openly before the eyes of the international community and the International Coalition that is our ally in fighting ISIS; Russia and America are also fully aware of this relationship."

Put an end to Turkish state terrorism

Kado criticized the international silence, especially Russia, towards the brutal attacks of the Turkish state against the people of the region, stressing the need for the International Coalition and Russia to carry out their duties and responsibilities towards the region and put an end to the brutal attacks of the Turkish occupation state, and said: "If this is not achieved, the region will enter a critical situation. And it will lead to reviving the role of ISIS and terrorist forces in the region once again, which will affect and harm the international community as well."

Kado indicated that the children and youth of the region are being directly targeted by the Turkish state's drones before the eyes of Russia and the international community, and that "the brutality of the Turkish state cannot be accepted, so there must be a strict stance to put an end to the Turkish state's terrorism in the region and take into account the Turkish state's relationship with ISIS.”

Imposing a no-fly zone over North and East Syria

Kado renewed his call to the international community and the International Coalition to impose an air embargo on the sky of North and East Syria and to prevent Turkish attacks, He continued, "If a serious decision is not taken to impose an air embargo and stop the Turkish attacks, especially its aerial attacks by drones, the region and its people will be in great danger, because the Turkish state is launching brutal attacks on our people."

On the responsibilities entrusted to the peoples of North and East Syria to confront the Turkish attacks, Kado stressed, "All components of the region must stand against these threats and attacks with one voice and position. The Turkish state seeks to promote itself with the approaching elections, so we must take these threats seriously and prepare to confront them at all levels."

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