Kalthoum Ali: Resistance will reach people to freedom

Kalthoum Ali pointed out that the resistance shown by the Kurdish people throughout the world by hunger strike is a great resistance and will reach all the people to freedom.


The resistance of the hunger strikers who demanding to lift the isolation from the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan is continued, including the co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress and parliamentarian in the Democratic Peoples' Party, Leyla Guven, who announced her hunger strike for more than 90 days.

In this regard, the member of the Women Council in the Democratic Union Party, Kalthoum Ali pointed out to the blessing resistance

She said at the beginning of her speech," We are passing in a sensitive stage, the imposing of strict isolation on the leader Ocalan in conjunction with their threats and attacks on the people of the area to keep them away from the free ideology and the will emanating from the resistance of our martyrs.

Kalthoum pointed out that the policy of the Turkey which targets the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan. The people of Rojava have won victory, established their administration and consolidate the concept of the democratic nation among all the components which led to the solidarity of the components that led to the unification of societies with one hand, this is a reflection of Turkey's policy, thus the isolation of Ocalan increased.

"The sit-in of Leyla Guven is to thwart all the plans of the Turkey against the leader Ocalan and the Kurdish people."

Prison resistance continues in the personalities of hunger strikers

Kalthoum said, "Turkey has since the eighties started its fascist plans on the Kurdish people to arrest a number of freedom fighters who called for the freedom and imprisoned the leader Ocalan, but the echo of the freedom voice and resistance and the struggle from the prisons of the fascist Turkish reached the oppressed peoples, and today's resistance derives its strength from the prison resistance and the strike of Leyla Guven and all the protesters.

Society gained freedom thanks to the ideology of the leader Ocalan

She added "the strike of Leyla Guven become the voice of the will of woman and the Kurdish people and the Turkish state must know that we will not retreat from our resistance to reach the woman who was under oppression and the enslavement of society to her goal of liberating her leader, who every woman draws from his free ideology.

Kalthoum Ali said that Turkey cannot break the will to liberate the leader Ocalan. "Just as the martyr Zilan who carried out a historic commando operation among the enemy in order to break the international conspiracy against the leader and become an ideology of free women, today also Leyla Guven continues to resist and confront the Turkish fascist, without acceptance to surrender and insisted on continuing the strike for more than 90 days, saying that you will not be able to break our will in liberating our leader, which is the goal of every Kurdish person."

As for the intentions of the Turkish state to allow the brother of the leader Ocalan, Muhammad Ocalan to meet him, Kalthoum commented on the subject: "Turkey's  allow to the leader's brother to meet him, was not a response to the resistance or the like, but aims to break the resistance and thwart the strike activities, but the continuation of Leyla Guven's resistance and even after her release from prison was a response to the Turkish state and emphasize that their sole goal is to lift the isolation of the leader Ocalan "

At the end of her speech, she appealed the Kurdish people to stand in one hand to solidarity with the resistance of Leyla Guven till reaching the freedom of the leader Ocalan.



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