Karayilan: Defending of Rojava revolution is to defend people's future of the region

​​​​​​​Member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK, Mûrat Karayilan said: “The Rojava Revolution represents the approach of the democratic nation against the approach of the nation-state, and that defending the Rojava Revolution is a defense of the future of the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region.”

Mûrat Karayilan's statements came during his participation in dialogue program showen in Stêrk TV satellite channel.

Mûrat Karayilan has commemorated the beginning of the martyrs of the Pirsûsê massacre in its annual memory, and confirmed that the blood of the martyrs of the massacre will not be in vain.

Mûrat Karayilan also greeted the 8th anniversary of the July 19 revolution in Rojava, and congratulated the people of Rojava and the peoples of northern and eastern Syria on this occasion.

Rojava Revolution represents the democratic nation’s approach against the nation-state approach

Mûrat Karayilan read it: “The step that started 8 years ago on the 19th of July in Kobani was an important turning point. He added:“ In the beginning, the revolution spread throughout Rojava, and then throughout northern and eastern Syria, of course not the spread of the revolution is the important thing, but what is important is the nature of this revolution, as it was not just an ordinary revolution, as a new model of the revolution was developed, yes the revolution is the revolution of Rojava, but it is at the same time the revolution of the democratic nation between the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Syriacs, and at the same time it is the revolution of women . "

He noted that this revolution is a role model in resolving the Syrian crisis, and it "represents the approach of the democratic nation against the approach of the nation-state."

He stressed that the Turkish state is stepping up its attacks against the revolution for these reasons, "they attack the revolution because of the essence of this revolution, so what is its essence? The first is that the Kurds achieve their own administration, the second is the consolidation and embodiment of democracy, and the third is the realization of women's freedom, and this is rejected by the AKP regime."

Defending the Rojava Revolution is a defense of the future of the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region.

He noted that the attacks do not target only the Rojava revolution, and added, "Through the Rojava revolution, the Kurdish presence is targeted, so the most important thing in this sensitive phase is to defend the Rojava revolution, because this front is an important gain for the Kurds and for the sake of Democratic powers.

This gains and this front must be protected. This revolution is important for all Kurds. If the enemy manages to eradicate these gains, this will pose a threat to the gains of the Kurds, whether the gains of southern Kurdistan, or our democratic struggle in northern Kurdistan, meaning we can say that targeting the Rojava Revolution It is targeting the gains of the Kurdish people in general. "

Mûrat Karayilan called on all parties and parties to work to defend these gains, as he valued the efforts to achieve unity and rapprochement between the Kurdish parties, and called for the enhancement and continuation of these endeavors.

Haftanin of heroic epics are underlined

Member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Mûrat Karayilan also mentioned the attacks of the Turkish occupation in Haftanin and the resistance shown by the Guerilla fighters. And all the martyrs of the resistance, and we renew the covenant that we made for ourselves. These martyrs showed a heroic epic in Haftanin, and the results achieved so far and the victory achieved is the result of their sacrifices. "

The enemy was shocked in Haftanin

He noted that the war in Haftanin is an air and technical war, and that the Turkish state seeks to occupy Haftanin through its military techniques.

Regarding the outcome of the battles taking place in two shifts during the period from June 17 to July 17, he said: "During the last 31 days, our comrades carried out 95 military operations against the enemy. During the operations, 236 enemy soldiers were killed, and 18 others were wounded. This is what he monitored. But the actual numbers are much larger, and during this period, 6 Cobra helicopters were damaged, and 24 of our comrades were martyred, while one of our wounded comrades was captured by the enemy.

The battle of Haftanin is a battle between the Kurdish people and the Turkish state.

He added, "The PKK seeks to achieve its rights and identity within the Turkish borders, which are the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people. We, the Kurds, ask that we live by our identity and our culture. This is what we ask, but they target us violently. We ask for things that are acceptable within Turkey's borders, and if The Turkish state did not accept negotiations with the PKK and leader Ocalan for a solution, it will not accept solutions from any other party, it rejects federalism in south Kurdistan, and does not accept the Kurdish identity inside Turkey, and it is now seeking to exclude the Kurds from the efforts to prepare a new constitution for Syria For these reasons, they are fighting in Rojava, and the question is, is this colonialism that fights the Kurds in Syria with such ferocity, will its goal be only the PKK when it attacks southern Kurdistan, the PKK cadres want to exercise their lives and struggle freely in Turkey, and this is Their only goal, and we do not have any other goals in the fight against Turkey, meaning that the war that is taking place now is between the Kurdish people and the Turkish state, and we are the ones who bear the responsibility of us to fight this war and work to defend our people. "



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