Karayilan: Guerilla writes heroic epics against Turkish army in Zap

The commander of the People's Defense Center (NPG), Murat Karayilan, confirmed that the Guerilla forces are making heroic epics against the Turkish occupation army in Zap.

Karayilan made it clear that with the support and backing of the Gladio NATO, modern technology and internationally prohibited chemical weapons are being used against them despite this there is historical resistance.

Karayilan called on the peoples of Kurdistan and the world to stand in solidarity with this resistance, and said, "Let our people and friends know well that this is a difficult work, as great sacrifices have been shown, there are brutal bombing and chemical attacks by the enemy against us over the course of twenty-four hours, standing in the face of this is not easy."

The Commander of NPG Murat Karayilan, sent a voice message over the radio to the guerrilla forces in Zap who are facing the attacks of the Turkish occupation that began on April 17, 2022, and gave important information about the great resistance of the guerrilla fighters of the Popular Defense Forces and Guerilla Free Women Units - star.

With support NATO's Gladio, all kinds of modern technology are being used against us, but this unscrupulous enemy is not satisfied with that, but using internationally prohibited chemical weapons against our fighters.

There is great will, great heroism and matchless sacrifices, a new page is being added to the history of humanity.I salute and bless all comrades Today you are doing this in front of the whole world, and therefore this resistance is very important, in the history of mankind, 300 Greek Spartan warriors resisted against the army of the Persian Empire for days and stopped its progress, and thus they wrote heroic epics in the history of war and in the history of humanity, and the resistance of 300 Spartans was recorded in history ".



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