KCDK-E appealed to escalate struggle against occupiers

The Kurdistan Society Conference in Europe (KCDK-E) appealed to the Kurdish people to escalate the struggle against the attacks of the Turkish occupation army aimed at annihilation, and it appealed to the United States and international institutions to stay silent about it.


(KCDK-E) issued a statement in which it said, "The Turkish state that occupied Afrin wants to transfer its attacks that aim at genocide against the Kurdish people to all the lands of Kurdistan," appealing to all Kurdish people to escalate the struggle.

The text of the statement included:

"The aim of establishing all these bases in Başûr (South Kurdish) is not only to launch attacks against the Kurdistan lands, but also to threaten the entire Middle East."

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries want to exterminate the Kurdish people. The main objective of the occupation attacks is to exterminate all the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people in the four parts must see this danger well, and fight against Genocide and Turkish occupation. AKP and National Movement’s agreements aim at underestimating the forces that have become the hope of the peoples so they plan with dirty manners.

As the current attacks aim at undermining the will of the Kurdish people, the Kurdish people must revolt to support Afrin's resistance. In this way we can preserve the gains of the Kurdish people who have become targets for the occupiers.

The Kurds and their friends in Europe, Canada, Australia and Africa must cut the way beside genocide attempts.

We appeal to all the people to step up the struggle in the spirit of public intimidation against the attacks aimed at annihilation. The Kurds live in all parts of the world and they must support Afrin's resistance in the spirit of public intimidation. There is no power that cannot close the way in front of the march towards freedom for our people.

We also appeal to the United Nations and concerned international institutions to not stay silent towards Turkey's occupation of Afrin and to support the Kurdish people. We also appeal to all people to join the demonstration that would be held on April 14 in Europe and all over the world.



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