KCK congratulates Kurdish Language Day

The Training Committee in Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) congratulated the Kurdish Language Day and called on the Kurdish people to work for the preservation and development of Kurdish culture and language throughout the year. It also called on everyone to learn Kurdish language and use it in all fields of life.

The Training Committee of the Kurdistan Communities Union issued a written statement on the occasion of the Kurdish Language Day, which happens on May 15 of each year.

The statement said:

"At this stage, which is witnessing a majestic strength of the will represented in the hunger strike to death, which began from prisons, and spread throughout all parts of Kurdistan and the world, and on the time when the resistance of mothers reached the peak, we receive the Kurdish Language Day, one of the important reasons for this resistance. These sacrifices protect the Kurdish language and all our holy values, and from these meanings, we congratulate leader Ocalan, all our resistant people and all our comrades on the occasion of the Kurdish Language Day.

On May 15, 1932, the Hawar magazine was published by Celadet Bedir Khan, and was considered an important step in writing in Latin. Therefore, as of 2006, May 15th was regarded as the Kurdish Language Festival.

One of the facts proven by linguistic, historical and archeological researches was that the Kurdish language was one of the oldest languages in human history. If the Kurdish people have historically managed to preserve their language despite the attacks, persecution and occupation, this has been due to the deep roots of this language. Our world and great thinker Ahmed Khani confirmed this fact.

The world order that controls the world today does not act according to the facts of life, but rather denies these facts. For example, the United Nations does not act according to the mindset of "the nation and the people, but according to the mentality of state and authority. If it was founded in core on the principle of peoples and societies, the Kurdish people with their language and culture would have been a member within it. The Kurdish people who were divided into four countries in the Middle East, spread in many countries of the world and had a cultural diversity in terms of language and dialects with a population of 40 million are subjected to policies of denial and genocide. This proves the essence and the reality of the international order we are talking about. The Kurdish people are considered a basic measure of humanity in the world.

The saying "I cannot speak in my own language, write and understand it" has no meaning anymore. If it is about culture and language, our attitude, work and endeavor must be to find a solution to this, and take a historic position. On the contrary, we will be like someone who draws water to the mill of the occupying regimes.

Therefore, a serious position must be taken from the words of the leader Ocalan saying, "Language is the body, culture is the body, geography is the body, so keep your body."

This stage of life, which our struggle has reached through more historic resistance and sacrifices, imposes on us historic responsibilities, namely to preserve, salute and develop our culture and language more than ever before, and to strive for our culture and language to join the global culture.

Therefore, we congratulate our comrades who are making a historic resistance and congratulate our people on the occasion of the Kurdish Language Day. We call on everyone to develop and maintain Kurdish culture and language not during this day of the year, but in all days of the year.



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