KCK congratulates May Day and calls to increase fight against fascism

Kurdistan Communities Union, KCK, congratulated the International Workers' Day calling on all democratic powers to take the side of the Kurdish people in the fight against fascism. 

Co-chairmanship of the of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union, KCK, issued a written statement on the International Workers' Day, on May 1st reads:

'' May 1st, marks socialism victory on modern capitalism enemy to toilers and society and the day when humanity at large express eagerness to a free and a democratic world, irrespective of color, religion, language or gender''.  

Martyrs that fell on this day made it a day for democracy, freedom and protecting society for the whole humanity''.

The Kurdish people as other aspiring ones was a witness to real social development in the Middle East throughout it's ancient history. The Kurdish society since 1970s up to date is considered as one of the Middle Eastern communities that developed the fight for freedom, democracy and socialism, and as of the early defenders of the May Day values. The Kurdish people today via the free feminist approach and democratic life is one of the peoples that experience and defend socialism via the best democratic means, for this fascism of both AKP and MHP that represent the modern capitalism in the Middle East attack the free powers of the Kurdish people''.  

Women that created society in the Middle East represented in the democratic Kurdish woman have become pioneers of free life that plays her role in strengthening approach to socialism in the whole world.

May Day would be celebrated as a day for freedom, democracy and socialism, and on the way of women would turn this day into a one for unity and solidarity that would destroy modern socialism.

All toilers, peoples, women, youths and democratic powers ought to take the side of another, and to increase fight against fascist authority and destroy it''.



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